Machine Learning Enablement Workshop - 1 Day Free Workshop


Leverage the Machine Learning expertise of Kainos to kickstart the definition and planning of your ML strategy with this free, 1-Day structured workshop.

To thrive in the modern hyper-competitive marketplace, organisations should be taking steps to unlock the value from all of their existing data. Often, only 10-15% of an organisations data is leveraged, this means that – most are missing valuable business opportunitites. Our free 1-Day workshop guides your journey to use Azure Machine Learning tools to unlock the opportunities in your unstructured and structured data. With Kainos help, you will pinpoint where you are on your journey, understand the different types of AI that can be leveraged, become aware of how to achieve ML maturity and gain a structured kickstart plan to take forward.

What you will Get

Our ML workshop will be tailored to your business needs, typically you get;

  1. Free of charge access to Kainos ML and Data specialists
  2. Expert assessment of your capability maturity
  3. Learn how to identify ML opportunitites and stakeholders
  4. Understand how to measure return on investment of ML projects
  5. A kickstart plan to innovate with ML using Azure tools
  6. Learn how to govern ML pipelines using MLOps

The exact duration and price of the engagement is subject to custom terms and conditions including mutual agreement of work scope.