Cyber Security Controls: 3-Days Assessment

Altron Karabina

Has your organisation deployed resources to the cloud, or are you planning to move resources to the cloud? If so, it is vital to understand your current security posture.

The adoption of new technologies is how organisations are staying relevant, and even leading in their respective fields. However, these changes come with a risk for cyber criminal activity. Many organisations are finding themselves in a situation where they have implemented Microsoft 365 or Azure and are now stumped when it comes to the security for these environments. Even more so with newly implemented remote working models.

Altron Karabina is offering a Cybersecurity Controls Assessment to organisations to understand their Microsoft security landscape.

Get a prioritised breakdown of the state of your security controls so that you can identify major gaps and focus your efforts on where it matters most.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we are here to help you overcome your Microsoft security challenges by identifying, prioritising and mitigating the risk of cyber attacks.

Issues you may already be facing

  • No visibility into security gaps in your infrastructure, putting your organisation at risk
  • Lack of understanding around the security shared responsibility model
  • Regulatory and audit compliance requirements
  • Security benchmarking against accepted configuration guidance

The tools and frameworks we use

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Monitoring
  • Azure Security
  • Microsoft Security Framework

What you’ll get out of this assessment

  • A review of critical security controls across business processes, technologies, and recommended security controls
  • An easy-to-read report prioritising activities to improve your overall security posture

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