Accelerating Digital Transformation 2Hr Assessment

Katpro Technologies Inc

Accelerating Digital Transformation Assessment with Katpro Technologies

What do you do with the myriad legacy applications that still form part of your organisation’s lifeblood? Katpro Technologies’s Applications Modernisation solution is the answer.

At Katpro Technologies’s will believe that legacy application modernisation should be business outcome driven. We believe in transformation that makes a difference. Improving lives, improving society, improving experience

We believe the Microsoft cloud has an essential role to play in modernising legacy applications. It is not all about throwing away and starting again. It is as much as extending the life of these critical applications whilst embracing the new technologies available. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we recognise the importance that Microsoft Azure can play a key role in delivering modernisation, through our four core offering areas:

This proposition offering is for a one-day assessment workshop with your company and key stakeholders within it to assess your technology and application transformational journey in line with your business strategy. We will provide a summary report that will determine which of the potential transformation journeys detailed below best suite your business outcome needs.

  • Build applications to be cloud native using Microsoft Intelligence, Content and Mobile services
  • Factor applications to take advantage of Microsoft Microservices, Containers and serverless architecture
  • Hosting applications through the use of Microsoft App Lift & Shift to Azure Global infrastructure services

We deliver our consulting engagement through a tried and test approach based on our rich heritage of application development and support. 3R3 uses a simple approach to Retire, Retain; Rebuild to help shape your modernisation journey. Our consultants guide and deliver IT estates modernisation with ease and assurance. We do not shy away from the hard stuff. It is what we have been doing for some of Europe’s best-known brands for decades.