Machine Learning : 5-Day Proof of Concept

Katpro Technologies Inc

Predictive analysis of your data to solve some key business problems using Azure Machine Learning Studio

Katpro's machine learning workshop using Azure Machine Learning Studio can help your business in solving some fundamental problems that you have thought of, due to lack of business intelligence and computational power. Instead of mining the data manually and planning decisive actions, you can now leave that to Azure Machine Learning Studio to predict the next steps based on the data pipeline and data models.

Built for technical and non-technical business leaders, Katpro’s workshop enables you to collaborate with technical consultants to look at your advanced analytics strategy.

Katpro’s Approach: Day 1 – Identify business problems and use cases for machine learning

Day 2 – Analyze data sources and plan data pipeline for data processes

Day 3 to 5 - Develop a strategy and proof of concept for putting the model into practice for your organization

Benefits: In this five-day POC, you’ll explore the many benefits to machine learning and Katpro’s methodology for advanced analytics.

By engaging in our service for doing Machine Learning Proof of Concept Workshop you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning Studio
  • Build key use cases specific to your business
  • Assess, review and build your organization’s current data pipeline for a sample usecase
  • Visualize predictive model outputs leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI

Note: Reach Katpro for custom solutions that suits your business need and help optimize effective ROI on cloud investments. More details