Azure Application Modernisation: 4-Wk Assessment


Understand how to modernise your applications to use Azure platform services

Although a lift and shift migration to Azure offers significant benefits, the true value is seen when applications are modernised to utilise platform services. Such benefits include performance and scalability along with increased security and agility.

This assessment analyses your application and assesses the viability of modernising it to use platform services.

Before commencing the engagement, we will agree on the application that you wish to modernise and the scope of our analysis.

This 4 week engagement will:

  • Identify Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources that are candidates for hosting your application in Azure

  • Provide you with an assessment as to the viability/feasibility of migrating to such services (based upon your functional and non-functional requirements)

  • Provide you with an assessment of the level of refactoring that your application will require

  • Provide a high level architectural overview of your application hosted with Azure PaaS services

  • Provide you with recommendations for next steps


Week 1 We will conduct workshops with your subject matter experts and review your technical documentation to understand:

  • Your application's current architecture

  • How your application is currently hosted

  • Your existing application's functional and non-functional requirements

Week 2 Analysis of the discovery information collected in week 1. This may involve us requesting further workshops or information about your existing solution design.

Week 3 Identification and analysis of the Azure PaaS services that are candidates to support your application in Azure.

Week 4 Completion and delivery of a viability/feasibility document covering our findings from the above analysis.

We also host a workshop to take you through our findings and recommended next steps.