Azure Landing Zone: 2-Wk Imp.


Implementation of KCOM's Azure Landing Zone environment

KCOM's Azure Landing Zone is a set of templated, ready to deploy, Azure resources. Once deployed you will have an Azure environment into which existing workloads can be migrated or new workloads deployed.

A key benefit of our approach is that it allows you to rapidly get started with Azure without having to build the supporting Azure infrastructure from scratch. The landing zone is designed to scale with your use of Azure.

KCOM Azure Landing Zone

  • Azure network - Azure Virtual Networks, using a hub-spoke topology, to support migration/deployment of shared services and application specific workloads ​

  • Security - use of Azure native resources to provide a secure landing zone environment ​

  • Governance - adherence to best practices around Azure subscription configuration, Azure AD, role based access controls, resource creation policy and cost management ​

  • Monitoring - we enable cloud native infrastructure monitoring, analytics and alerting ​

  • Backup and recovery – backup and recovery services enabled in advance of workload migration/deployment​

  • Use of Infrastructure as Code – automation is central to our approach


  • Deployed Azure Landing Zone - including credentials for accessing the environment

  • Recommendations for next steps - this includes recommendations for how to progress to a pilot migration and then a live workload migration. We can also provide recommendations around how to establish connectivity between the landing zone and your on-prem environment along with the deployment of shared services to support application specific workloads.