Cloud Readiness Assessment: 3-Day Assessment


Assess your readiness for cloud adoption

KCOM’s Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed for organisations who are either new to the cloud or have taken their first steps towards cloud adoption.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we help many organisations adopt public cloud. A common finding is that although it can be quick to get started with Azure, getting it right, in a way that is manageable and scalable, can be challenging.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed to help organisations overcome these challenges. We assess where you are at on your cloud journey and review against the factors that lead to a successful cloud adoption.

Over the duration of this three day engagement we will work with you to review your:

  • Strategy - we review your cloud strategy, vision, objectives and plans for cloud adoption

  • Organisational alignment - we discuss and review with you the alignment of people and resources within your organisation (the correct organisational alignment is essential to making your cloud plan a reality)

  • Skills and capability - key to a successful cloud adoption is having the right people with the right skills. This can result in a considerable change in required skills from traditional IT. We help you review where you are at, and look at the skills that are needed throughout all stages of the cloud lifecycle.

  • Pilot projects - for organisations who have started their cloud adoption we review the approach you have used against cloud best practices


On completion of the assessment we present our findings from each of the above areas. We also make recommendations and suggestions for next steps. This presentation is created in such a way that it can be shared and referenced between business and technical stakeholders.