Cloud Strategy and Vision: 1-Day Workshop


We help organisations develop their vision and strategy for a move to the public cloud

A cloud strategy captures the desired business outcomes that are driving your move to the cloud and the best approach to achieving them. It also identifies a suitable first project with which to implement that strategy.

This workshop is aimed at businesses who recognise that they may benefit from cloud adoption, yet who also realise that defining a cloud strategy and vision is a key element to successful cloud adoption. It helps ensure that all business and technical stakeholders are aligned. Once created this strategy and vision will form the guiding principles to be applied throughout all stages of your cloud journey.

During this engagement we work with your stakeholders using Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework to identify:

  • Cloud motivations - we help you identify and challenge the motivational factors that are driving you towards cloud adoption

  • Business outcomes - we help you identify what a successful migration means to your business

  • Business justifications - we help you understand how to justify cloud adoption to business stakeholders

  • First cloud project - for organisations who are new to Azure, it's important to choose the right first project. We help you identify a suitable candidate that will demonstrate value quickly.


We document the findings from the workshop along with recommendations and suggestions to progress your cloud adoption journey.

Our findings are written in such a way that they can be shared and referenced between business and technical stakeholders.