Managed Azure Landing Zone: 1 Hour Briefing


1 hour briefing session covering KCOM's managed Azure hosting service

KCOM's Managed Azure Landing Zone is a ready to deploy, Azure environment, to host your cloud services.

We deploy, manage and support the Azure landing zone along with a range of Azure services available for deployment to the landing zone.

A key benefit of our approach is that it allows you to rapidly get started with Azure without having to design, build, manage and support the Azure infrastructure. The landing zone is designed to scale with your use of Azure.

In this briefing session we start by understanding your cloud adoption and managed hosting requirements. We then provide an overview of the range of KCOM's Azure services including our Managed Azure Landing Zone service.

KCOM Managed Azure Landing Zone

  • We provide a secure cloud platform to host your cloud services

  • We apply a templated approach for rapid provisioning of the landing zone and cloud services​

  • Creates a seamless/hybrid environment between on-prem and cloud​

  • Deploy new or migrate existing services

  • We manage the environment so that you can focus on your business applications

  • Range of cloud services available so you can harness the performance, scalability and innovation of Azure

  • A clear, simple, pricing model based upon your requirements and usage

Getting started

Get in touch with our team to understand how our Managed Azure Landing Zone can help accelerate your cloud adoption.

In our 1 hour briefing we cover:

  • Your cloud requirements
  • We provide an overview of KCOM's Managed Azure Landing Zone
  • Pricing and support model