BI Transformation & Azure Services:2wk assmt


Frustrated with not having enough information to take better decisions? We can help you take informed decisions with better informational dashboarding services on Azure Cloud

Objective: Assist in creating powerful dashboard which would help any organization in arriving at informed decisions

How we do it: Our assessment service covers: * Understanding the data silos in your organization * Build a plan to consolidate the information * Assist in integrating and analyzing your organizations raw data * Create insightful and actionable business information dashboard * Help you spin up and configure Azure Cloud tenant

What you get: A detailed business plan containing the solution architecture, the process, the tools (Azure Cloud, Azure Storage, Power BI) and our services

Benefit you get: * A Technology partner who would lead you to Digital Transformation by helping you transitioning to Azure Cloud * Insightful and actionable dashboard powered by Data visualization platform - Power BI * Fast and accurate decision making