AppDev, DevOps and ManagedServices:10 Wk Briefing


Consulting services to transform and modernize legacy applications

Objective: Transform and modernize your legacy applications into Azure cloud PaaS platform. Here are the steps:

A. What we do: A.1 Assess your current application architecture and components A.2 Work with you in deciding the best practices and selecting appropriate azure components. B. How we do it: B.1Build and publish scalable and platform independent web, mobile and apps using Azure services. B.2Build and deploy highly available and almost infinitely scalable applications with low administrative costs. B.3. Build with .NET, Angular.js, Node.js, PHP, Java frameworks and mobile integration with iOS and Android native applications. B.4 Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git, TFS, Kubernetes, Docker B.5. Easily scale up as demand grows C. What you get: C.1 Our consulting team evaluates the ‘as is’ state of your legacy application, C.2 Understand your digital modernization goals and align with the best practices to help you scale and remain flexible as well as multifunctional.

This is an estimation which would include visiting client locations, PoC's, estimations based on current situations and needs. The final price will be derived once we understand complete needs.