SAP BTP Neo to Cloud Foundry Migration

Khoj Information Technology

Migrating from SAP's Neo environment to Cloud Foundry (CF) for Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).

Migrating from SAP's Neo environment to Cloud Foundry (CF) for Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) can be a complex process due to differences in architecture, services, and deployment models. As businesses evolve, leveraging the latest cloud technologies is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and operational efficiency. Our comprehensive migration service from SAP Neo to Cloud Foundry running on Microsoft Azure Hyperscaler offers a seamless transition, ensuring enhanced scalability, flexibility, and performance for your integrations.


• Enhanced Flexibility with Multi-cloud and hybrid deployment options. • Easily scale your applications and services as your business grows. • Access to the latest technologies and services on Cloud Foundry. • Optimize costs with more flexible pricing models. • Benefit from the robust, high-performance infrastructure of Cloud Foundry.


• As-is Technical Architecture Review. • Understand Customer’s BTP Commercial model. • Identify existing integration scenarios that the sender system triggers using CPI tenant. • Identify the type of system (ERP, CRM, C4C, SAP S/4HANA, HTTP-Based clients) used to set up the Cloud Integration tenant
connection. • Identify security artifacts such as credentials, key pairs, and certificates-to-user mappings. • Identify existing Cloud Connector connections.


• Executive Summary. • Detailed Migration Scope. • Target Solution Architecture (Landing Zone). • Proposed Security RBAC model in SAP BTP. • Transport Management Strategy in SAP BTP. • Project Timeline. • Project Team Structure. • Working Assumptions . • Cost Estimates (Infra, Software, Services).

Customer Commit:

Stakeholder availability for 4 x 2-hour workshops (SAP Basis, Infrastructure and Application Teams).