Trifecta: The AI experience 2-day workshop

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

The workshop aims to empower Senior CX Leaders and CTOs to establish personalized, intelligent customer experiences and deliver actionable roadmaps for transformation with Azure

Kin + Carta, in collaboration with industry leaders in Data, GenAI, and Personalization, offer a comprehensive solution tailored to assist enterprises in initiating or expanding their utilization of Microsoft Azure. Our initiative aims to empower organizations to establish the necessary foundations and parameters for delivering personalized, intelligent customer experiences. Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure platform alongside Optimizely’s Opal AI solutions, we engage with businesses to craft experiences that drive customer conversion, enhance employee efficiency and persuasion, and yield measurable improvements across various scenarios.

Targeting Senior CX Leaders and CTOs seeking insights into fostering personalization and driving organizational transformation, we have curated a workshop designed to:

  1. Illuminate the essential elements from a People, Technology, and Data perspective, featuring USE case demonstrations and live showcases to inform stakeholders and spark ideation for your own use cases.
  2. Prioritize the most impactful use cases within your organization, facilitating organizational buy-in.
  3. Showcase value impact through documentation of a "thin slice" example pertinent to your highest value use case.

Conducted either at the Microsoft Technology Center, K+C labs, or on-site at your offices, this two-day workshop addresses challenges and opportunities inherent in modern data platforms, particularly in industries such as Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare. We recognize that achieving personalization hinges on a robust data infrastructure, especially as GenAI technologies advance.

While personalization remains a central driver for data modernization, the workshop also explores additional use cases, including enhancing operational efficiency through automation and AI, optimizing costs via intelligent forecasting, ensuring regulatory compliance, streamlining decision-making processes, and integrating existing AI capabilities within your infrastructure.

Our solution, the Trifecta AI Experience Workshop, offers a tailored approach comprising the following steps:

  1. Initiating dialogue through either in-person or remote engagement, presenting industry-specific use cases, and collaboratively assessing alignment with organizational pain points and opportunities.
  2. Understanding both the technical and business landscapes to effectively apply use cases to your specific environment and focus on actionable solutions.
  3. Ideating and prioritizing personalized, generative AI-driven experiences to address specific challenges within your portfolio, followed by assigning ranked prioritization for implementation sequencing.
  4. Crafting an actionable roadmap considering unique problem-solving and opportunity-seizing avenues, evaluating the solution's value from Proof of Concept to scaled implementation.
  5. Determining next steps to transition from concept to action, which may include funding proposals, business cases for executive review, prototype demonstrations, or functional demo code delivery.

In essence, our workshop is a strategic catalyst for organizations seeking to harness the power of Microsoft Azure and cutting-edge AI solutions to drive meaningful transformation and deliver exceptional customer experiences.