Azure Kubernetes: MVP Build 4-Week Assessment

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

4-week service offering to evaluate your digital estate and assess your software development processes

Kin + Carta will create a baseline so that you can measure your progress on the path to App Modernisation. After the assessment, we will create Azure RedHat OpenShift (ARO) Infrastructure & pipeline to Production for an MVP application.

Many organisations understand the benefits of containerisation and the value of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) but lack the expertise or experience to get started correctly. During this 4-week assessment, we will evaluate the current state of your digital estate & your software development processes in order to create a baseline that will help you measure your progress as you move forward on the path to App Modernisation. We will include Security, Finance, and Governance in the analysis so that you can create a plan that you can actually implement.

Kin + Carta will help you create a Kubernetes environment and a CI/CD pipeline that will deliver a working MVP app to a Production environment. All of this will be created following standard Infrastructure-as-code patterns, allowing you to use it for further development/other projects.

Week 1 Support client in Azure Developer Velocity Assessment Analyse app portfolio to Identify and prioritise candidates to move to AKS Analyse and assess the current DevOps and CloudNative development skills within the team Ensure prerequisites are met

Week 2 Create cloud migration document Choose MVP application Define branching and CI/CD pipeline Review/Confirm Security and Infrastructure requirements Create baseline Development AKS environment

Week 3 Containerise pilot application Set up and configure container registry Deploy to Development environment Build out Staging and Production Pipelines Migrate data to Azure (if necessary)

Week 4 Testing and deploy to Production Retrospective Complete Application Roadmap Review Governance, Security, and Finance operations

Deliverables Working CI/CD pipeline to Production Roadmap Tech Stack Prioritised backlog

Price subject to scope