2-Week Sustainability Assessment

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

Kin + Carta, will help companies move towards their sustainability goals by evaluating existing initiatives & matching opportunities to solutions, like Azure, to reach business objectives & KPIs.

Overview: The topic of sustainability is one of the fastest-growing conversations among business leaders today. And as the world transitions to a more sustainable and equitable future, demand is growing for commercial solutions to deliver on these goals. In this assessment, Kin + Carta (BCorp Certified), will help companies move towards their sustainability goals by evaluating existing initiatives on Azure cloud and matching opportunities to Microsoft solutions to reach business objectives.

Solution: Kin + Carta will deliver an opportunity assessment & sustainability roadmap for implementation tied to business KPIs/OKRs & complete a multivariate assessment along with key measures of sustainability performance.

Assessment Activities:

WEEK 1: INITIATE - Sustainability overview briefing. Understand & prioritize sustainability aspirations. Identify business challenges, opportunities & scenarios.

WEEK 2: DISCOVERY - Work collaboratively to complete sustainability scorecard questions. This exercise will help visualize key areas of concern. Support development of current thinking within the organization by benchmarking current knowledge around trends & practices. Assess the current technology landscape & evaluate sustainability in the business's approach to data storage, compute and end-user computing. Leverage agile thinking & explore sustainable software processes through a product lens. Explore inward & outward-facing business communications & initiatives around sustainability. Map initiatives & opportunities that may impact your sustainability targets.

DELIVERABLES - Sustainability Dashboard: a dashboard that highlights sustainability scores, which gives businesses an easy reference point for new initiatives. Sustainability Roadmap: a report that breaks down the roadmap to achieve the agreed sustainability outcomes. The report includes inward & outward-facing messaging and how to leverage Microsoft Azure to enable their sustainability journey.