PROTECT+ OT Monitoring Service Offering 1-hour briefing


Kinetic IT’s PROTECT+ OT Monitoring service leverages Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT on premise sensors and IoT management capabilities, fully monitored 24/7/365.

PROTECT+ is Kinetic IT's next phase of cyber security innovation. It represents a fusion of Kinetic IT's advanced cyber security expertise, contemporary security technologies and integrated support models to deliver full-spectrum protection.
The PROTECT+ Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a locally owned, managed and operated 24x7x365 solution, leveraging Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT on-premise sensors and IoT management capabilities. We provide a robust threat monitoring and threat protection service across all aspects of the OT networking components, (ICS, SCADA, etc.), deployed as an on-consumption subscription service that scales to our customers' unique requirements.

This 1 hour briefing session will cover:

Customer needs:
  • Running a SOC is complex and extracting maximum value from a SIEM tool demands deep technical knowledge, continual updating of rules and tuning of response activities, based on the evolving threat landscape. How can customers with limited ICT resources and little to no SOC experience gain maximum value from their Microsoft investments, while remaining in control of their capabilities.
  • The risks of exposure and exploitation of customer environments are amplified through a lack of threat intelligence across IT and OT data sources.
  • Get value from your technical investment and recognise the human element.​
Kinetic IT Solution and Services:
  • Boost the value proposition for Sentinel deployments by integrating with the PROTECT+ 24x7 SOC service.
  • Integrated Security Operations with Threat Informed Defence, to bring the end-to-end management of OT networks into the same regimen used for IT.
  • Retain control over data and security outcomes, drive a proactive approach to cyber security.
  • Empower your team through a unique partnership with Kinetic IT that sees capability development and knowledge transfer as fundamental to PROTECT+