Discover the benefits of kickstarting an AI software development project with AI PoC

Knowit AB

For emerging technologies such as AI, a PoC is generally the most cost-effective path to demonstrate quick wins and build confidence.

AI PoC helps you determine if what you’re trying to achieve is feasible and if doing it with AI is worth it in the first place – using new technology to solve your real problem by using your own input. This is the best way to understand whether a use case can really achieve positive benefits from that specific idea or application you have in mind. Essentially, it can determine if an AI solution will be successful or not.

Implementing a text analytics/generative AI-based solution doesn’t have to be long and complicated. We can help your organisation to ensure you are starting the AI journey with solid forethought, planning, expertise, and best practices. This way you ensure implementing a solution best suited for your needs and place you ahead of the competition without challenging your expense budget.

To get started, it’s important to identify the problems you need to solve, and to be sure that what you’re asking of the technology is realistic: some issues may not be suited for an AI-based technology. In addition to considering the problems you’d like to solve, you’ll also want to focus on the internal skills that your teams may need.

We provide required guidance to evaluate the scope and tech needed making the PoC and make an evaluation of the capabilities needed moving forward and what kind of value the project can provide. AI PoC allows you to compare different solutions efficiently and test your own capabilities. PoC approach will also accelerate AI understanding in your organisation.

Example of AI customer cases:

  • Employee or customer support: Chatbot that can handle customer queries, help, troubleshoot common issues, and learn based on your company-specific information.
  • AI in HR: PoC for AI engagement, talent training paths and HR help desk. Support function, for reducing headcounts needed in HR when scaling globally.
  • Education: From designing syllabi and assessments to personalizing course material based on students’ individual needs for having the right credentials for taking a specific job that is needed by employers.
  • Healthcare: Generative AI is used for accelerating research and the discovery of novel drugs.
  • Gaming industry: Player behavior analysis tool and game testing, improve quality, cost reduction in production and testing.

Outcome: PoCs benefit the decision-making process by allowing the business to:

  • Provide a concrete demonstration of the capability of AI technology and methodologies
  • Deliver more immediate and concrete value
  • Quickly compare different solutions and approaches
  • Gain experience, skills and confidence in AI
  • Secure buy-in for future artificial intelligence project

What’s next? A PoC can help an organization understand whether an AI-based project can be successful or not. The next step after a PoC will be to plan for implementation, including cost estimates, timelines and a high-level work estimate of what will be required to take the PoC to the next step and begin building the real, successful project. The PoC can sometimes be implanted as is, and there are a few steps and other factors and dependencies internally that need to be aligned or developed.