Azure Migration Practice - 10 weeks implementation

Knowit AB

Azure Migration Practice – Sustainable transformation – 10-week migration implementation project for your digital estate. This offer delivers migration to Azure for a selected set of services.

Our Cloud Migration Practice will onboard you and your applications in a sustainable manner to Azure Cloud to enable further growth and scale.

Our audited and proven Migration Practice is all about standardizing, documenting and creating best practices for cloud adoption and migration journeys. We will bring our best in order to migrate and modernize your estate to Azure Cloud. In the heart and soul of this 10-week implementation is extensive Discovery and Assessment in building you the business case and justification for you cloud adoption, as well as creating and applying the proper transformational strategy suitable for your case and landscape.

After discovering and assessing we shall design together the optimal plan and blueprint in migrating, securing and operating your workloads to Azure.

Scope and content for this implementation project: Consultation & Assesment

  1. WK1-5 Plan: build the digital estate, inventory and adoption plan for migration to Azure. Select and prioritize applications and their move to Azure.
  2. WK1-3 Ready: ready your landing zones and organization and start ramping up migration buckets for your applications

Migration 3) WK6-10 Adopt: Migrate and Modernize you digital estate and applications to Azure 4) WK10 Optimize & Manage: mature your cloud estate and operations

This offering is an implementation offering for conducting E2E migration for a selected and validated scope and batch of services. For adopting cloud foundation, core and governance please see our offering for Cloud Core and Governance Primer.