Database Health Check: 3-day Assessment

Koderly Ltd

Koderly provide an in-depth health check of your SQL Server or Azure SQL infrastructure, including performance tuning, disaster recovery review and future capacity planning.

Koderly’s Database Health Check service is a comprehensive review of your SQL Server or Azure SQL infrastructure, incorporating “quick win” fixes (where safe to do so) and a detailed report that outlines our short, medium and long-term recommendations. Our goal is to ensure you’re getting the most from your SQL Server or Azure SQL environment, delivering maximum performance, availability and cost-benefit for your business.

For customers who are getting started or looking to extend their use of Microsoft Azure SQL, we’ll help you optimise your costs by tuning your workload, ensuring you operate on the optimum compute size and therefore minimising your Azure SQL costs.

We understand that every environment is different and not everybody has the same needs. Both the approach and content of our Database Health Check service can be tailored to meet your specific requirements/concerns, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit. Whether you have a single SQL Server requiring intensive performance tuning, or an Azure SQL environment hosting hundreds of databases, we will adapt our service to suit your environment.

Key indicators as to whether your business could benefit from our Database Health Check service include:

Application timeouts, degrading database performance / locking and blocking issues, disaster recovery concerns, increasing Azure costs or SQL Server license costs.

Our standard service includes:

Analysing and optimising your SQL Server and database configuration, performance tuning of your most expensive or critical database queries, high availability and disaster recovery review, security review, including recommendations for improving GDPR compatibility, analysing wait statistics and identifying hardware bottlenecks, Azure cost optimisation.

The service can be performed either on-site or remotely, depending on your requirements, and the duration can be flexed to meet your specific needs.