Modern Data Platform: 5-day Proof of Concept


Do you want to discover the power of a modern data platform? We can get you started with a 5-day POC, based on our Modern Data Platform blueprint, including the latest Azure features!

Delivering datasets to end users quickly is crucial for i.e. self-service BI. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task. That’s why we’ve developed a new data architecture in the cloud: Kohera’s Modern Data Platform relies on Microsoft Azure.

You'll be able to gain insights from your data with minimal effort with a data platform that’s flexible, cost-efficient and future-proof.

We achieve this by integrating the latest Microsoft Azure standards, features and best practices in our Modern Data Platform blueprint, consisting of Azure SQL database flavors, Azure Data Lake Services, Azure Data Factory, … amongst others. These let us quickly plug in your data sources, to get you started straight away.

Processing the workload will be optimized by using the scalability features of the Azure platform services.

We will also investigate the added value of using Azure Synapse Analytics or Databricks depending on your business requirements.

Over the course of a 5-day POC, we’ll follow this blueprint to set up your environment in Azure and load your input sources, to ensure you can see the results in Microsoft Power BI. Together, we’ll also draw up a roadmap of the next steps.


Day 1 The assessment starts with a half-day workshop to define the exact scope of the POC and to identify the data sources we will take into account. We will draw a high-level architecture on the scope of the POC. In this day, we will identify the Azure components needed for your Modern Data Platform.

Day 2 Based on the scope, we will analyze your data sources and start to build your Azure Data environment.

Day 3-4 We will continue with integrating your data sources into the modern data platform. If applicable, we’ll also start creating visualizations, which are relying on our modern data warehouse approach.

Day 5 We’ll conclude the 5-day POC with a modern data platform roadmap and next steps to unlock the full power of your data into a modern data platform.