Secure Architecture Review: 2-Week Assessment

Kontex Security Ltd

Gain assurance over the security of your Azure environment

Cloud platforms provide enterprises with near limitless capacity to grow and extend their business through a vast array of compute, analytics, storage and networking services. With such a range of readily available and evolving technologies, organizations struggle to gain assurance that their cloud solutions have been designed and configured securely.

Kontex will work closely with your businesses to assess your cloud environments and applications. Collaborating with your teams, we will conduct an assessment to help gain assurance that the configured Azure security controls have been implemented effectively to protect against threats and attacks. This assessment will be carried out in a multi-phased approach where Kontex will:

  • Facilitate a series of deep dive information gathering workshops with the relevant stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current state, existing pain points, business processes and strategic objectives.
  • Map key information assets, document the network topology, data stores, trust boundaries, and access controls.
  • Identify the key security risks of the existing design and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Design a high-level "future" or target architecture and roadmap to help the organization reach an improved secure state.