Cloud Cost optimization on Azure & Office 365 - 2 Week Assessment

Korcomptenz Inc

Ready for Azure migration or already on Azure? Keep a fine balance between cloud performance and cost with the help of our cloud cost optimization assessment.

Optimizing Your Cloud: Generating Maximum Value from Your Azure Investments

KORCOMPTENZ, a multinational IT services company, helps organizations realize business value, achieve compliance, and manage costs by enabling the use of cloud across the entire business. As a Managed IT Service Provider, KORCOMPTENZ brings a unique blend of skills across areas such as Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM etc.), App Modernization, Advanced Analytics, AI, Cloud, and IoT. This allows us to design custom solutions that enable you to lift and transform your move to the cloud, in a seamless and very cost-effective manner thereby digitalizing your entire value chain for positive business outcomes.

You are thinking or have migrated to the cloud with the expectation of cost savings with the move from a CAPEX to OPEX model, yet the costs say otherwise. Cloud cost optimization consultancy services can help identify the root causes of overspend and mitigate them with alternative Azure services to optimize the spending. We will help by identifying the Azure services in the cloud ecosystem that might possibly be contributing to the high amount of bills. Our assessment process includes evaluation with the application owners to understand the triggers for leakage of cloud spend. We will document the as-is and proposed Azure service structure that will optimize your cloud spend. We will also provide templates to help continue your cloud journey cost-effectively.

Our assessment processes will include the following:

  1. Understanding your current cloud migration strategy
  2. Hybrid License, Renewal/Reuse licenses
  3. Workloads that are overprovisioned or under provisioned
  4. Benefits of scaling
  5. Cost saving measures (reserved instances, spot instances, savings plan, etc.)
  6. Right size of servers and right types of services
  7. Automation process check
  8. Planning & budgeting for peak/non-peak usage of services
  9. Assessing whether your application is cloud-native and cloud-friendly
  10. What Cloud governance model to follow (every organization has a unique model suitable to their business need)


Our complete *cost-optimization plan includes the following,

  1. Evaluation of what is the current utilization of Azure
  2. Comparison report of your current Azure consumption vis-a-vis Microsoft best practices. Recommendations on saving costs, based on this report, will be provided
  3. Insights on achieving short-term and long-term cloud optimization goals


  1. Increased visibility about your cloud spends
  2. Acquire value from the levers for an enhanced impact on your cloud bills.
  3. Identify reasons of overspend
  4. Innovative techniques to drive optimization
  5. Get insights on how to gain cost-optimized cloud bills
  6. Generate more value for money from your Azure investment

What Next?

After the assessment, we offer Cloud Managed Services by continuously assisting in planning, tracking, reducing, optimizing and monitoring of your cloud costs as your managed services provider. We will help build a Cloud Center of Excellence for a measurable return and TCO, while optimizing the costs without compromising on the performance. We help in automating your tools and imbibing cloud cost optimization in achieving a total Cloud Transformation.

*Please note that the duration of the optimization plan will differ as per the size of your cloud environment and other factors. The 2-week plan will primarily include assessment of your current cloud spend. The pricing is dynamic and may differ accordingly.