Migrate VMware VMs to Azure: 3-Day Assessment

Korcomptenz Inc

Migration of VMware VMs to Azure using the Azure Migrate Server Migration tool

Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Gold Cloud platform partner has been deploying key business applications on Azure Cloud for many of our clients who have in the recent weeks accelerated plans for remote and online workforce. With Azure, we help organizations to reduce their total cost of ownership comparing to having servers on-premises by 20% with our unique methodology and competitive pricing framework for migration and post Go-Live support.

Microsoft now provides a certified tool that can seamlessly migration VMware VMs workloads to Azure with very less on near-zero downtime. This tool offers a couple of options for VMware VM migration:

  • Agentless: Migrate VMs without needing to install anything on them.
  • With an Agent: Migration with an agent for server replication.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Korcomptenz will use the set Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework to efficiently and seamlessly perform the migration from On-Premises/3rd-Party Datacentres to Azure.

  • Define Strategy: Document strategy & foster stakeholder support
  • Plan: Align cloud adoption plan to business outcomes support
  • Ready: Prepare the cloud environment support
  • Adopt: Implement desired changes across IT & Business support
  • Migrate (Repeatable - Govern & Manage): Move the first few servers and then repeat the same for the rest of the servers


  • Strategy & Plan for your workload migration to Azure
  • Estimated pricing for Migration
  • Estimated on-going monthly price for Azure