Azure Governance: 5-week Assessment

KPCS CZ, s.r.o.

Azure Governance: operating, security, and financial rules for the Azure infrastructure based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

KPCS has created as a Microsoft partner with Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization the Azure Governance Framework, to speedup Azure migration projects and Azure resource/cost control.

Microsoft Azure is a very comprehensive set of cloud services for creating and deploying and managing applications. Each organization has sometimes faced challenges in changing information systems, where almost 75% of projects were not completed on time or at a higher than expected cost.

The benefits for your organization are a set of recommendations on how to run cloud services properly. These operating rules will allow accurate prediction of what services, how and at what cost to operate.

Within Azure Governance, we focus on key areas: *Security rules and risk management. *Rules for setting the environment. *Rules for identity and access management. *Rules for cost optimization with increasing use. *Centralization and standardization for rapid deployment.