KPI Partners' AI/ML Assessment

KPI Partners

AI/ML Assessment by KPI Partners is a comprehensive evaluation to analyze customer's current capabilities and helps customer's get started with their AI/ML transformation journey on Azure

AI/ML can help businesses unlock unparalleled efficiencies, derive valuable insights from data, and automate complex processes, ultimately driving significant business transformation.

The purpose of this assessment is to understand the gaps in customer's existing architecture and improvements that can be incorporated through AI/ML transformation. The assessment also aims to guide customers on the best approach and kickstart AI/ML implementation using Azure Machine Learning, Azure AI Services and Azure Databricks journey to achieve business objectives such as enhancing operations and improving productivity.

Deliverables -

  1. Evaluate existing technology stack and assess readiness for AI/ML implementation
  2. Align AI/ML initiatives with the business objectives and identify specific use cases
  3. Define a phased roadmap outlining milestones, timelines and key deliverables
  4. Build and kickstart implementation of generic AI/ML architecture designed on Azure
  5. Evaluate potential risks and security requirements for ethical AI/ML integration
  6. Recommend a plan for Training and change management

Agenda –

  • Day 1- Review customer's existing technology (current state, ML models in production, data sources, MLOps)
  • Day 2- Discuss customer's AI/ML strategy and map relevant Use Case
  • Day 3- Discuss findings with customer and share summary and recommendations for further action