KPI Partners' Gen AI Assessment

KPI Partners

Gen AI Assessment by KPI Partners evaluates current business processes and helps customer's get started with their Gen AI transformation journey on Azure to improve productivity and reduce costs

The complexity and potential impact associated with Artificial Intelligence makes it necessary for businesses to seek expert guidance when it comes to AI implementations.

KPI's Gen AI assessment is designed to provide your organization with a holistic understanding of the capabilities of Gen AI and how it can be implemented into the customer's current tech stack in a phased and controlled manner. Our expertise lies in implementing Azure Open AI, Azure AI Search and Azure App Service. We go beyond the technical aspects, delving into ethical considerations, bias mitigation, regulatory compliance, and the overall impact on your stakeholders.

Deliverables -

  1. Outline the purpose and define scope of the assessment
  2. Evaluate capabilities and impact of Azure services such as Azure Open AI, Azure AI Search and Azure App Service specific to customer's use case, feasability and prioritization
  3. Propose an Azure based architecture that meets business requirements and assess the integration with existing systems (UI and backend)
  4. Kickstart Gen AI implementation based on customer's preferences
  5. Address privacy concerns related to data collection, storage, and usage
  6. Define performance metrics and evaluate AI's impact on business processes and productivity

Agenda –

  • Day 1 & 2 - Kick off meeting to review customer's Technology stack and expectations from Gen AI assessment. Discuss customer's AI Strategy and alignment to business needs
  • Day 3 & 4 - Overview of identified Use Cases . Gen AI Ops review
  • Day 5 - Discuss findings with customer and share summary and recommendations for further action