Gen AI on Azure training by KPI Partners

KPI Partners

Expert led training program to help customer's understand Gen AI, its applications, impact on business processes and implementation methodology by a leading provider of Data, Analytics and AI services

KPI's Gen AI on Azure training is designed to empower customers with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities, application and implementation of Azure based AI technology. This training includes topics that ensure customers are not only able to effectively use AI but also make informed decisions about its deployment.

Training Deliverables -

  1. Overview of Gen AI and its potential to transform business processes
  2. Detailed exploration of AI's capabilities, its applications and limitations
  3. Guided training based on customer's choice for Gen AI services and related frameworks - Azure Open AI, Azure Bots Framework, Cognitive services, Open Source models on Azure
  4. Application of Gen AI to business process such as Customer service, Finance & Accounting, Process Optimization, Sales, Supply chain, Contracts and Legal as per customer's choice.
  5. Generic implementation methodology for customer's Gen AI strategy
  6. Security and privacy best practices.
  7. Ethical, legal and risk considerations for Gen AI
  8. Impact of Gen AI on boosting productivity and reducing costs