Microsoft Fabric Implementation Jumpstart Package: 5-Day Proof of Value

KPI Partners

5-Day Proof of Value by KPI Partners is an intensive workshop that aims to provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Fabric

This 5-Day Proof of Value workshop covers all aspects of the platform, from concept and design to deployment, use cases, and performance testing.

Deliverables -

  1. 5-day POV is conducted by highly qualified team of Azure and Fabric Experts
  2. POV implementation demonstrating Microsoft Fabric's capabilities, including a Power BI report, a data model, related data pipelines, and other capabilities to improve organizational operations.
  3. Deep dive into Microsoft Fabric and gain practical experience and tailored insights into the application of Fabric in your organization
  4. Tech Talk – Introduction to KQL, Data Science and Real-Time Analytics components in Fabric

Agenda -
Day 1 - Kick-off meeting to review current data engineering & BI architecture, understand success criteria, discuss POV outcomes, and review scope of POV implementation. Introduction to Microsoft Fabric components
Day 2 - Fabric Workspace setup, One Lakehouse creation, and data source configuration.
Day 3 - Data Model setup, Ingest data into lakehouse using Data Factory, transforming data into delta tables using Synapse Notebooks.
Day 4 - Dashboards and Reports setup in Power BI using your data, demonstrating Power BI Copilot capabilities within Fabric.
Day 5 - Demo, Final walkthrough, Proof of Value closure, comprehensive tech talk on Fabric Administration, Copilot, Security and Governance