Microsoft Fabric and Databricks Implementation Premium Package: 6-Week Proof of Value

KPI Partners

6-week Proof of Value by KPI Partners provides a Production Ready End-to-End Metadata-Driven Framework for Data Processing and Analytics Workflow’s using Microsoft's Fabric and Databricks

This 6-Week Proof of Value workshop covers all aspects of the platform, from concept and design to deployment, use cases, and performance testing.

Deliverables -

  1. 6-week POV is conducted by highly qualified team of Microsoft Fabric and Azure Databricks Experts
  2. POV implementation and a unified data platform that supports data engineering and business intelligence and Copilot features
  3. A scalable and flexible architecture that leverages the power of OneLake, Data Engineering Experience, Databricks, Power BI, Fabric Copilot and more
  4. Architecture and Associated Costs Design: Design of scalable Microsoft Fabric architecture based on your data needs, with the associated costs detailed, ensuring alignment with future growth.
  5. Tech Talk – Introduction to KQL, Data Science and Real-Time Analytics components in Fabric


  • Understand your success criteria, requirements and outcome of POV
  • Current State Architecture Data Engineering Architecture Review
  • Define the scope - 2 Data sources; Recreate existing 2 high volume Customer Data Engineering mapping Production ready
  • Metadata Driven Framework for end-to-end pipelines
  • Set Fabric Workspace, creating OneLake, Synapse Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Warehouse workspaces
  • Setup Data Sources connectivity, Meta Driven Framework set-up Initiatives
  • Databricks Integration with OneLake and Notebooks development initiative for Data Ingestion to Bronze Layer


  • Data Engineering – Set Up Data Ingestion Pipelines – Bronze to Solver and Gold Layers
  • Data Streaming – Spark Streaming use case set-up.
  • Power BI Reporting development Initiatives


  • Test End-to-End Data ingestion across medallion architecture using Data Factory orchestrating Databricks Notebooks
  • Test End-to-End Full and Incremental Load, Streaming Use Case
  • Test Power BI Reports and Copilot Enablement and Use Case
  • Review the implementation documentation against the original scope
  • Demo and Final walk through for post implementation monitoring and adjustments
  • Comprehensive tech talk about Fabric Administration, Data Science, Security and Governance, Co-Pilot