KPIGPT Solution - Powered by Azure OpenAI Services

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Enhancing Enterprise Conversations with Secure and Personalized Generative AI Deployments Integrated with Azure Services

KPIGPT is a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to revolutionize enterprises by leveraging the power of Generative AI to drive innovation, unlock efficiencies and realize tangible value.

Our solution ensures enhanced productivity and success by enabling businesses to design tailored experiences, amplify AI model performance, and harness strategic insights.

We employ the latest AI models, powered by Azure's enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-driven infrastructure, to create a unique user experience with unprecedented speed. It is a bespoke solution with precise models and Power BI integrations for optimal performance.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud’s top-notch security, services, reliability, and scalability, KPIGPT Accelerator streamlines enterprise innovations with targeted solutions for Q&A, customizable chatbots, and API integrations.


  1. Harness strategic insights
  2. Enables greater conversational capabilities and faster content parsing
  3. Enables faster information discovery and knowledge sharing
  4. Applying controls and governance to build trust
  5. Customizable solution

Use Cases:

  1. KPIGPT Accelerator for Banking & Finance: Chatbot architecture specifically designed and engineered for Banking & Finance use cases. Novel accelerator architecture enhances the capabilities of Azure OpenAI for fast, accurate, secure Q & A over Banking databases and documents.
  2. KPIGPT Accelerator for Insurance: End-to-end Generative AI solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of Property and Casualty insurers. Phase 1 features an intelligent customer intent engine and routing system & integrated data retrieval system for Q & A, all built within the Azure OpenAI framework.
    Phase 2 expands on this foundation to drive efficiencies and ROI in Sales and Underwriting.
  3. Conversational BI and Knowledge Management System: Integrated suite of tools to enable Conversational BI, leveraging the power of natural language via Azure OpenAI and KPIGPT Accelerators.

KPIGPT services begin with workshops with our domain experts to assess Generative AI readiness and build enterprise-wide Generative AI roadmaps specific to your organization’s goals.


  1. Educate on basic concepts of AI, its models and discover KPIGPT features.
  2. Define business objectives and goals for AI strategy.
  3. Action plan for enabling security, data privacy, alignment on risks and mitigation plan for potential risks.
  4. Build a strategic roadmap based on priorities and dependencies.
  5. Identify business case for implementation and use case for Pilot/MVP.