Cloud Cost Control - 10 days - Assessment

KPMG Advisory N.V.

KPMG offers a cloud cost management maturity assessment, focused on people, process, technology & governance.

Our approach to evaluating cloud cost management seeks to diagnose and advise on the optimal way to run workloads already in the Azure cloud and consists of the following two phases:

  1. Evaluate current cloud cost management activities against standard and industry-leading practices.
  2. Conduct a detailed Azure cloud spend analysis to help validate the cloud cost management evaluation and to identify quick win cost savings opportunities

The outcomes: KPMG will produce five deliverables for the project focused on empowering organizations to make immediate cost savings decisions as well as build a successful CCM (Capability Maturity Model ) function for the long term.

  1. Quick Win Cost Savings ‒ Specific, actionable steps that an organization can take to reduce its cloud spend waste. ‒ These can vary from specific compute instances that can be downsized to potential reserved instance strategies.
  2. CCM Gap Analysis ‒ A comparison of the current Cloud Cost Management (CCM) function from a people, process, technology and governance perspective against standard and industry leading practices. ‒ This comparison will help drive insights into specific focus areas for the CCM function.
  3. Cloud Spend Analysis ‒ Insight into your current public cloud use (utilization levels, spend) and trends by cloud provider, service type, business unit, top 10 users, project.
  4. Targeted CCM Recommendations ‒ Clear recommendations for improving the current CCM function. Recommendations based on the CCM Gap Analysis and Cloud Spend Analysis.
  5. Directional Roadmap ‒ A high level roadmap for instituting leading practices for cloud cost management. ‒ The roadmap focuses on both short term and long term priorities based on the results of CCM Gap Analysis and Cloud Spend Analysis while taking into account your desired future state.