KK Azure Virtual Desktop Quick Start

Kraft Kennedy

Kraft Kennedy will assist with an Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, allowing the Client to provide cloud-based Windows 10 or Windows 11 multi-session desktops to its users.

Kraft Kennedy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with more than 33 years of experience solving business critical problems for law firms, law departments, corporations, financial services firms, and nonprofits. Our teams are made up of industry-leading network engineers, solution architects, desktop analysts, and interim leadership experts and our culture prioritizes continuous education and collaboration to achieve the best results for our clients.

Take advantage of Kraft Kennedy's expertise of Microsoft Azure to set up, configure, & customize your document and email management system.

Tasks include:
• Create one AVD Hostpool consisting of one test instance • Create one AVD Hostpool consisting of up to five production instances • Create one AVD Application Group to deliver desktops • Create one AVD Workspace to facilitate end-user access • Configure Azure Monitor for AVD (Insights) to provide diagnostic, performance, and utilization-related information • Create one vanity URL via Azure Front Door • Configure Azure Files to store FSLogix Profile Containers and Office Containers • Advise regarding instance sizing and cost management

Assumptions • Client has existing Azure IaaS subscription, connectivity to the corporate network, and line-of-site to Domain Controllers. KK can provide assistance via KK Azure IaaS Quick Start. • Client’s Microsoft subscription provides an entitlement for AVD. • Client’s Microsoft subscription provides an entitlement for FSLogix. • Client will install all applications in the AVD instances.

**Cost is for implementation only. The Client is responsible for costs associated with all components deployed in Azure.