Azure Governance and Security: 3-weeks-Implementation

Kuralkan Bilisim

Implementation aims to train customers how to efficiently govern cloud resources and implementing security configurations.

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Service Models , Shared Responsibility Model and Introduction to Azure Governance modules will help our customer to grasp the fundamentals of cloud computing.

Azure Management Groups, Azure Resource Graph, Azure Policies and Azure Blueprints modules will train our customers on how to effectively govern cloud resources.

Azure Cost Management, Azure Advisor and Azure Monitor will educate our customer to efficiently control and lower their cloud costs.

Azure Automation and Azure Backup modules will aid our customer how to automate their workloads and build a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery(BCDR) architecture. Identity and Access Management and Logging and Monitoring modules will explain how to employ and implement zero-trust architecture and least privilege model for cloud security. Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel modules will ensure that cloud services are monitored and security configurations are in place.