Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Migration, Modernization, and Managed Services

Kyndryl Inc.

End-to-end services that help customers build, migrate, modernize, and manage workloads with Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

Get predictable pricing with Microsoft's 5-year Reserved Instances offer on AV36P, AV52, and AV64. Customers using this offer are guaranteed pricing for up to 5 years. This offer is available for new workloads contracted and deployed before December 31, 2024. Connect with us to learn more!

As the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, Kyndryl is a global leader capable of delivering for organizations seeking innovation by leveraging public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We are proud to be recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP partner and we offer a wide range of services to drive your adoption and journey with Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

By redeploying and extending VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure, your organization is able to retain personnel skills and VMware investments, allowing you to avoid hiring additional personnel for their cloud skills or re-skilling current personnel.

Kyndryl provides end-to-end Azure VMware services that help customers build, migrate, modernize, and manage workloads onto Azure VMware Solution (AVS). By leveraging the best practices of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), Kyndryl's AVS services provide a VMware environment for customers on Azure, built on proven VMware technology and tools.

Kyndryl can help you reuse existing skills and people to speed application and infrastructure modernization through the move to cloud. Kyndryl provides capabilities that enable your organization to:

  • Discover and Assess: Review on-prem VMware workloads and identify the use cases for AVS
  • Design and Implementation: Design, deploy and configure the Azure landing zone as well as the AVS environment for the identified AVS use cases
  • Migrate and Deploy: Provision and Migrate workloads from on-premises to AVS leveraging azure native migration tools
  • Modernize Applications: Modernize your application ecosystem by integrating with Azure cloud-native services around data, AI and ML services
  • Manage and Govern: Monitor, operate and govern the AVS environment and the workloads running on them through a combination of VMware and Azure native tools
With Kyndryl, customers get:
  • A near-frictionless migration of production workloads to cloud, with a path to future modernization using Azure native services
  • Ability to leverage existing investments in VMware tools, skills and teams to modernize on-premise VMware environments to Azure
  • Fast path for datacenter consolidation and exits for on-premise VMware workloads

Take advantage of Kyndryl’s extensive experience with successful cloud journeys to define and prioritize cloud enabled business transformation initiatives.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

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