Data and AI Discovery Workshop for Microsoft Azure: 8-Wk Workshop

Kyndryl Inc.

Gain in-depth analysis along with concrete deliverables to advise you on the design and implementation of your data architecture and use cases and your move to the cloud.

This workshop aims to improve and develop your current data architecture with Azure technologies. Over the course of 4-8 weeks, we’ll provide you in-depth analysis along with concrete deliverables to advise you on the implementation of your data use cases, and on your move to cloud. Furthermore, we’ll review your data architecture to identify pain points and propose solutions such as enterprise-grade Data Fabric architecture for Azure. This Data and AI workshop is for any size company that wants to improve their data strategy to gain productivity, better understand their customers and their business, and scale data & AI use cases throughout the enterprise.

This Kyndryl offering is composed of 2 different packages: Standard (8 weeks) and Lite Version (4 weeks)

During this period and through the steps, we’ll provide you a set of deliverables:

  1. Strategy & Vision - 1 week
    • Project Charter
    • SMART
    • SWOT
    • Data Strategy per Stakeholder
  2. Current State - 2 weeks
    • Data Architecture State
    • Gap Analysis
    • Solution Assessment Table
    • Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Use Cases - 3 weeks
    • Use case prioritization
    • Design Thinking
    • State of the Art
    • PoC
    • High & Low-Level Blueprints
  4. Improve Blueprints - 1 week
    • FinOps/AiOps
    • Final Architecture
  5. Proposed Architecture - 1 week
    • List of KPI to Validate the Project
    • Implementation Roadmap
    • Allocation of Kyndryl Human Resources

The above deliverables are for the Standard version. The Lite version simplify those steps. Please refer to the customer presentation for more information on it.

During this workshop, Kyndryl provides different trades to co-create with your team a relevant data architecture:

  • Data Architect
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Viz
  • Business Analyst
  • Senior Project Manager

Kyndryl has the capabilities and experience to advise, build, and manage the suggested solution coming out of that workshop.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership