IT Sustainability Assessment: 2-Wk Assessment

Kyndryl Inc.

Leverage Kyndryl's Sustainability Advisor tool to collect and report energy and GHG emission data of your Azure environment

Kyndryl IT Sustainability Assessment is a tool-driven assessment to measure enterprise-wide energy and GHG emission data from multiple locations and diverse hybrid multicloud IT landscapes, set baseline report on sustainability KPIs, and recommend areas of resource optimization through continuous improvement program. In the assessment, we help you collect data via a facilitated workshop, templates and automatically through data collectors for Azure workloads to provide a comprehensive “As-Is” view for IT sustainability.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into energy use and GHG emission across enterprise-wide IT landscapes
  • Failure to comply with regulatory standards due to lack of visibility on enterprise emission data
  • Inability to track progress on emission reduction against net-zero goal
  • Inability to identify areas of cost optimization due to lack of holistic reporting
  • Industry pressure to demonstrate commitment to sustainability to build positive reputation and enhance brand image
  • Have a competitive advantage to attract customers, partners, and investors who are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions

Kyndryl's Sustainability Advisor

  • Collects & measures energy & GHG emission data from distributed workload in Azure or multicloud IT landscapes
  • Reports real-time sustainability KPIs on a centralized dashboard
  • Tracks emission reduction target against actual energy consumption & emission levels
  • Analyses data using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models to identify areas of resource optimization
  • Provides recommendations on best practices to reduce energy & emission to meet net-zero target
  • Simulates impact of recommended changes on production environment

Engagement Process

  1. Engagement kickoff and identification of client participants​
  2. Select key areas of focus and prepare for workshop
  3. Conduct data collection workshop and run data collectors ​
  4. Analyze findings, conclusions and recommendations​​
  5. Create report and present results. Discuss next steps.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

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