Mainframe Application Modernization: 2-Day Assessment

Kyndryl Inc.

Work with Kyndryl to develop a roadmap to understand and unlock your mainframe applications powered by Azure

This assessment evaluates where mainframe applications and business logic can be transformed by using the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platforms!

Many organizations continue to rely on the IBM Z and IBM i systems, often referred to as ‘mainframes’, to manage their most critical applications, but customers who want to do more with these platforms struggle to unlock and transform their application capabilities. By analysing their applications and business needs enterprises can ensure they put the ‘right workload on the right platform’ and, as a result, transform their business application landscape and enable faster time-to-market for new business capabilities. At Kyndryl, we leverage our mainframe expertise to help you unlock and harness mainframe application transformation to deliver business application capability at scale. Our application advisory services are designed to transform and modernize your mainframe systems to get the ‘right workload on the right platform’ and enable reliable, modular, and scalable solutions that move your business forward.

Wherever you are in your journey with Microsoft Cloud and Azure, Kyndryl can work with you to address integration with Azure and your mainframe applications, migrating and moving applications off the mainframe to Azure, modernizing the application developer experience, or integrating application management operations as part of your hybrid cloud strategy.

Workshop Structure: Join Kyndryl for a two-day Mainframe Application Assessment and get ready to transform your mainframe applications. In this face-to-face workshop, you’ll co-innovate with us on strategies to transform your mainframe applications and to ensure you hagve the ‘right workload on the right platform’. This assessment will evaluate where Azure Services can help accelerate business transformation by modernizing your mainframe applications.


  1. 2 hours Presentation/Discussion (free of charge)
  2. Pre-Workshop Data Gathering
    • Leverage questionnaire for enterprise applications usage requirements
  3. Assessment Workshop
    • Mapping of Mainframe Applications and Data
    • Explore Azure Services to increase mainframe integration and migration
    • The Value of DevOps for Mainframe and how to integrate with Azure DevOps tools and processes
    • Mainframe Modernization Strategy Design, Roadmap
    • Findings and Recommendations
  4. Post Workshop Activities
    • Opportunity proposal(s) for detail discovery / high-level solution and schedule for a proof-of-concept
    • Proposal review & agreement on next steps

The Mainframe Application Modernization Assessment workshop compliments our Mainframe Data Democratization Assessment workshop.

Kyndryl’s Value: As the world’s largest mainframe infrastructure services provider, with the deepest and broadest set of skills in the industry, Kyndryl offers global application services and assessments to help customers derive more value and insights from their business applications. Kyndryl is recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and offers a variety of solutions in areas like application migration and modernization, data platform management, and x-platform DevOps integration. With deep industry expertise, certified consultants, and solutions tailored to your specific business needs, we help you quickly unlock value from applications to support your unique transformation goals and ensure the ’right platform for the right workload.

Kyndryl is the company that designs, builds, manages and modernizes the complex, mission-critical information systems that the world depends on every day. Migrating mainframe applications to exploit the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud, Azure and Microsoft Power Platforms is key to improving customer and developer experiences. Kyndryl provides a predictable migration strategy for these applications with Microsoft Azure.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership