NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) for Azure: Advisory, Implementation and Managed Services

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Work with Kyndryl to manage your enterprise storage in Azure with high-performance NAS & data management services.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) on Azure is an enterprise-grade data management system that complements Azure native services. Its operational and storage efficiencies dramatically reduce administration time, storage footprints, and costs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP running natively in the cloud will enable you to host your business applications seamlessly in the cloud. Cloud Volumes ONTAP makes use of cloud infrastructure to create a virtual NetApp appliance with all the features of an on-premises storage system. Cloud Volumes ONTAP and ONTAP deployed on-premises use the same operating system, allowing them to seamlessly integrate to create a hybrid cloud environment. Kyndryl is proud to offer a wide range of services with NetApp CVO for Azure to support your business’s journey.

Why Choose Kyndryl for your NetApp CVO for Azure Managed Service?

  • Market leadership – Kyndryl is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider capable of delivering the services needed to enable your business to grow.
  • Kyndryl + NetApp – A strong partnership highlighted by years of experience providing services for NetApp’s market-leading solutions
  • Fully Managed Service – Kyndryl will enable your business to take full advantage of the benefits of NetApp CVO for Azure through design, delivery & operational support, enabling you to focus on your business.
  • Leverage Existing Environment – Kyndryl will manage your on-premises and cloud workloads to create a hybrid solution that works for you.
  • Innovation – Kyndryl has introduced Kyndryl Consult, Kyndryl Vital & Kyndryl Bridge to meet customer demand for integrated services that accelerate transformation. Learn more here:

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Features and Functions

  • Deployed instantly as virtual appliance.
  • Solution can be scaled up vertically or horizontally based on the demand
  • Solution provides a consistent user experience across all cloud vendors.
  • Solution has a native support for cloud high availability.
  • Can seamlessly integrate with on-prem ONTAP clusters.
  • Solution natively supports data compression, deduplication, and compaction.
  • Solution provides policy-based data tiering to lower cost object storage.
  • Native support for data encryption and key management.
  • Solution supports the integration with Cloud Native Key Vaults for customer managed keys.
  • Centralized management using cloud manager.
  • security & compliance capabilities (i.e.) Ransomware protection, Immutable Snapshots.
  • Solution supports Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Deployments.

Key Use Cases

    Cloud Native Storage – Fully featured unified file sharing for business-critical applications.
  • Test/Dev Env. – Leverage FlexClone technology without expanding storage footprint.
  • Storage Tiering – Policy driven data tiering for cold data. Reduces overall storage costs.
  • Data Migration – Quickly migrate applications and run apps and file services in the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery – DR for both On-premises & Cloud Workloads.

Deployment Options

  • Customer Owned Azure Cloud Subscription.
  • Kyndryl Owned Cloud Subscription.


  • Customer Managed - Self Service Support. Kyndryl will provide transitional support.

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

Kyndryl and Microsoft: Our Partnership