Dr Migrate: Solution Assessment

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AI-Assisted discovery and cloud migration that's intelligent, rapid and predictable.

Are you struggling to understand the challenges, opportunities and costs of migrating your workloads to Azure? Our assessment process and Dr Migrate tool help assess your Digital Estate and get actionable insights in just days. Get modernisation opportunities, cost savings and TCO all explained in ready-to-use reports. A Dr Migrate assessment helps your organisation identify the right Azure services for your needs.

Dr Migrate changes the cloud migration game, using powerful AI to take months off your cloud transformation timelines and reduce operating costs with automated discovery, project planning and resource allocation. Dr Migrate’s high-speed inventory of your environment produces actionable security and cost control insights within 24 hours. Its AI advisor provides detailed 6R application treatments, real-time migration dashboards during execution, and cost projections and sustainability reports that support leadership decision-making throughout the journey.

Built on native Microsoft Azure Migrate, Dr Migrate runs in your own cloud tenant, so your data never leaves your environment.

Rapid, Deep AI Discovery Dr Migrate processes millions of data points to assess your entire infrastructure and application environment.

  • Agentless data collection
  • Actionable insights in 24 hours
  • Native Azure integration
  • Drill-down and holistic reports

AI-Driven Application Treatments Guided, configurable “6R” application treatments that automatically feed into Total Cost of Ownership estimates.

  • Application dependency mapping
  • Application complexity calculator
  • App/server modernisation advisor
  • Automated recommendations based on Microsoft best practice

AI-Assisted Wave Planning Auto-generated, configurable migration plans extrapolated from the data gathered during Dr Migrate’s AI Discovery phase. Wave plans are generated based on:

  • Application size and complexity
  • Application affinity
  • Data centre/geolocation
  • Network dependencies

Executive Reports and Business Case Builder Dashboard reports and presentation slides, showing financial projections and sustainability metrics suitable for board reports.

  • Current server readiness
  • Real-time traffic flow
  • Potential impact alerts