WVD Solution - 2 Weeks PoC

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LAB3 Windows Virtual Desktop Consulting engagement - 2 Weeks Proof of Concept implementation

For mid-size to enterprise customers, who are wanting to better use data to deliver value back to the business, the LAB3 Data Assessment is a workshop-in-a-day that quickly identifies high-value data opportunities aligned with the organisations current strategy.

Unlike our competitors who provide data strategies with little technical knowledge, or propose piecemeal data projects with no awareness of the organisations overarching strategy, our consultants tailor our holistic data maturity assessment to the organisations data circumstances.

Use Cases

  • Value proposition of data back to the business
  • Ability for business to delivery of value proposition using current technology maturity
  • Delivers transparency of the complexity of your data environments
  • Realistic assessment of portability to the cloud
  • Identifies high-value data opportunities
  • Azure TCO and best approach to value
  • Inventory of data platform business knowledge
  • Total project cost




Technical Assessment

A technical assessment aimed at evaluating the maturity and implementation of a data platform.  Purpose is to score the organisation across a list of organisational practices that are indicators of Data & AI Maturity, across the following domains:

  • Data Lake
  • Modern Data Warehouse
  • Agile BI
  • Data Science/ML

In-a-day workshop


A business assessment conducted as a “in-a-day” workshop, aimed at business value. Including a Business Model Overview, Data Value Assessment, Data & AI Roadmap,