LAB3 IOT Assessment - 4 weeks

LAB3 Solutions

LAB3 IoT assessment is designed to demystify the process of identifying the best of breed in IoT platform technologies with Azure and understand the value of IoT within your business.

For mid-size to enterprise customers, who are wanting to better use the Internet-of-Things(IoT) and sensor data to deliver value back to the business, the LAB3 IoT Assessment  identifies the various aspects of an IoT platform.

LAB3 IoT assessment is designed to demystify the process of identifying the best of breed in internet of things (IoT) platform technologies. Additionally, help organizations understand the value of IoT, and support the transition to a new set of capabilities

Value Proposition:

  • Ability for business to delivery of value proposition using current technology maturity
  • Delivers transparency of the complexity of your IoT environments
  • Realistic assessment of capabilities and approach
  • Identifies high-value IoT opportunities
  • Azure TCO and best approach to value
  • Inventory of IoT platform business knowledge

How does this offer work?

  • Designed to drive targeted capability uplift for your organisation and define roadmap to a new Azure IOT Platform
  • By reviewing and assessing our recommended feature list items we can build your organisation's view of the utopian future state of your Azure IOT Platform.
  • By rating current capabilities as they pertain to each of the feature list items we can build out your current state.
  • By prioritising the gaps in current capabilities and grouping these prioritised projects we can define a full program of work that clearly sets out your transition plan to Azure from current to future state.


Wk 1 - Technical assessment of the customer's IOT Platform Maturity readiness

Wk 2 - Assessment aimed at Business value.

Wk 3 - Assessment aimed at evaluating the design for an implementation of a IOT Platform.

Wk 4 - Building out the IOT Assessment Deliverables