Data insights via GenAI: 2-Wk Implementation


Chat with Your Data Platform

Bring the power of Generative AI to your data warehouse, allowing the business to easily do in-dept analytics and get Creative Insights without relying on the data team

Introduction Is your data platform merely an IT tool or a strategic asset of your business? At LACO, we believe in transforming data platforms into strategic assets. Through this service, we bridge the gap between data/information and insights.

What we offer Our solution excels at understanding, retrieving, and delivering instant insights, powered by the synergistic effect of our three pillars: Transform, Govern, and Serve. It's self-service business intelligence on steriodes, allowing you to make faster, smarter decisions and reduce the gap between IT and business. This vision becomes a reality through a tailored solution architecture on Azure, with the heart of it all being Azure OpenAI.

Embark on your AI journey with our tailored approach:

Business Needs Assessment: We assess your unique requirements, defining use cases, and gathering crucial information. Data Understanding: We check the solid foundation by diving into data modeling, data quality, security, and integration. Design: We outline your AI strategy in a Solution design document.

Realize the first customized pilot:

Build the First Version: Our experts create a tailored Data Chat solution with Azure OpenAI on your Microsoft Teams, ensuring a seamless interaction with your data platform (on Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Microsoft Fabric and even SQL server). Refined Version: We refine the architecture, finalizing the Data Chat, and set the stage for broader implementation.

By commencing with the steps above to embark on your AI journey, you set the foundation for rapid growth and scalability. However, to scale and industrialize this transformation successfully, you also need to take some other important factors into account

Deliverables: Business needs assessment Solution design document Proof of value implementation on customer specific tenant Roadmap for industrialization