Azure Mainframe Modernization to Azure Proof of Concept

Langate Corp

Azure is the best-in-class cloud platform for modernizing mainframe applications and databases.

Our service helps you easily migrate your mainframe applications and databases to Azure with minimal disruption to your business.

Langate's team has extensive experience with mainframe migration projects.

Take advantage of our Azure Proof of Concept service to help you start your migration on a small scale before going big.

This 6-week offer of a POC for mainframe modernization to Azure comprises:

  • Legacy Application and Database Migration to Azure:

We’ll leverage Microsoft's decades-long experience in virtualization technology, providing automatic failover and failback for your application workloads. Over the next few weeks, we’ll help you migrate your legacy applications and databases to the cloud using a proof-of-concept (POC) approach.

  • DevOps and Agile Methodology:

Take advantage of DevOps and Agile methodology to bring your existing teams up to speed on the wealth of benefits from Azure. Migrating legacy applications and databases to the cloud using DevOps and Agile methodologies.

  • Mainframe Migration to Azure POC

Our Proof of Concept lets you test that your mainframe application works properly on Azure before permanently migrating it. This will ensure that you can scale up if necessary and avoid any issues with performance or reliability.

Let’s help you achieve a smooth move to an easy-to-use platform (Azure) that allows you to modernize your mainframe applications while still maintaining the performance and reliability they need.