Latentview Analytics Corporation

MatchView is a platform that makes it easy for retailers to conduct can test the effect of promotions,product placements, visual merchandising, product launches and more

Business Problem:

One of the biggest challenges faced by retailers in today's competitive business world is delivering Impactful customer experiences. To achieve this, they must experiment with various strategies to identify the most effective one. A business experimentation platform is essential for retailers who want to stay ahead of the curve by providing them with the ability to:

• Rapid, robust, and Scalable testing • Measure the true impact of the tests • Get actionable insights from experiments to make accurate decisions that boost ROI

Objective: MatchView streamlines test execution, from design to analysis, ensuring efficient management of experiments single ecosystem. It has 6 important pillars:

• Accurate lift measurement- Ensures no randomness and bias. • Flexible: choose ensemble algo techniques (Control selection, significance) • Simple, non-technical user interface: Test duration and Control stores • Bespoke control selection using custom variables. • What if simulator for pre-test and rollout (ex: lift, control size, duration) • Rollout planner for post-test scaling (ex: regions, cities)


• 90% reduction in time and effort • 6% incremental lift • Upto $240 M in influenced revenue

Consulting services: Azure setup, maintain, and integrate the following for the solution: Azure Data Factory for data curation Azure Blob Storage for raw data, connected storage, and Graph DS storage Azure Virtual Machine Azure Power Automate Azure functions Data Source - Azure Data Lake Data Pipeline - Azure Databricks Data Visualization - Power BI, Power Apps