Application Archiving on Azure: 2-months implementation

Lemongrass Consulting

A Quick, Easy, Cost-Effective Approach to Archiving Applications to Azure using the LCP

For legislative and statutory reasons (GDPR), certain data like HR data or BW data has to be pertained from 10 up to 50 years.

Legacy systems out of support, or deriving from an acquisition are usually very cost-intensive. Users generally are not accessing these systems, they sit in the data center, consuming data center resources, requiring maintenance and management, as well as ongoing licensing, usually at a high cost per user.

Lemongrass Application Archiving Solution: Instead of building a cost extensive Data Lake or implementing an ETL Solution, Lemongrass archives those legacy applications in a low-cost storage environment on Azure Cloud. This is a more effective, more familiar, and less costly solution for legacy applications utilizing the benefits of Azure. The approach is simple and delivers a significant Return on Investment by reducing the cost of your legacy estate (SAP and Non-SAP) by as much as 90% on Azure.

  • Simplified version of your application (SAP) on Azure. This removes existing, costly architecture such as clustering & DR.
  • We create this installation on a low-cost Operating System and Database (Licensing & Infrastructure).
  • All data is extracted from your source (SAP) system and imported to the new Azure architected system
  • After reconciliation testing, the system is released to the end-users who are equipped with our LCP App. This allows them to start the system only when they need to access it.
  • End-users can either stop the system using LCP or the system will idle self-stop after a pre-determined period of activity.
  • You only incur significant “compute” charges whilst the system is being accessed – the whole process can be completed in as little as a week per System.

At first Lemongrass creates an minimal and secure Azure Landing Zone on Azure using Lemongrass LCP automation capabilities for Azure. Next the target architecture for the legacy systems is build on Azure and the legacy systems are migrated on Azure.

This service is an integral part of our broader Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) solution. It makes use of several functional areas, including automated builds on Azure, automated backups and backup management, user-based systems start-and-stop as well as scheduled start-and-stop utilizing the benefits of Azure native services. Lemongrass also uses other elements of LCP as part of the Application Archiving solution, including security scanning to ensure the Azure subscriptions holding the archived systems as well as the systems themselves are meeting strict guidelines.

How We Do It: We migrate your application from an “always-on” physical infrastructure to a simplified low-cost SAP architecture on the Azure. Then we turn it off. While your systems are off, you are incurring very minimal charges, other than for storage.

Lemongrass equips and trains your users to start or stop the application on Azure as needed. Once in, your users are more productive as they now have fast, easy access to the data they need and the ability to extract that information from a system they are already familiar with. And should they forget to turn the solution off when they are done, our pilot light monitoring solution will turn it off for you.

In this sample calculation we assumed:

  • Automatic deployment of Lemongrass Landing Zone and Tooling on Azure (4 weeks)
  • Migration of <10 Legacy Applications to Azure (4 weeks)