Co-creation as an approach to MVP: 1 hour briefing

Levi9 Global Sourcing B.V.

Co-creation briefing of 1 hour, to explain how to transform your business idea into a cloud-ready software product and achieve business value

You have a great business idea but struggling to transform it into a working software product? Throughout the years of providing IT technology services to various companies and industries, Levi9 has established a structured approach called Co-creation. With this approach we help our customers to achieve their business value, in a structured and efficient way, to transform Idea to Solution.

About Co-creation

Co-creation approach is a form of collaborative innovation techniques that turns your business idea into a fully functional MVP running in Azure. We provide you with the clear design of the solution, helping you adapt your cloud journey to meet your business, security, and cost management requirements. Co-creation helps in increasing the speed of delivering the most valuable products to customers with the agile development methodology in a fast and secure manner with Azure services.

Briefing Co-creation

During a free 1-hour briefing, we will guide you through our Co-creation approach and why it is so valuable.

Agenda briefing:

  • The value of Co-creation
  • How we do a Co-creation session
  • Participants of the Co-creation
  • Deliverables
  • Required actions to organize the Co-creation session

Contact our team members to schedule this 1-hour briefing.