Lightwell Cloud Identity Workshop

Lightwell Inc.

Lightwell offers a Cloud Workshop that includes design and planning activities for identity fundamentals and several key identity features of Azure AD

The duration of this workshop is between two and four weeks depending on which modules the customer accepts as in scope. The duration and price are dependent on the modules selected as in scope for your engagement. Our Lightwell Cloud Identity Workshop includes design and planning activities for the following five areas: (1) Identity fundamentals including Azure AD integration scenarios, hybrid identity authentication options, and identity and authentication options to create a deployment plan for Azure AD (2) Self-service password reset (SSPR) including architecture review, SSPR design decisions, and creation of a high-level SSPR deployment plan (3) Multi-factor authentication (MFA) including a review of Azure AD multi-factor, review of methods to enable MFA and creation of a high-level MFA deployment plan (4) Conditional Access (CA) including a review of CA concepts, deep dive in CA assignments, conditions and controls and creation of a high-level CA deployment plan (5) Azure AD Application Management including an overview of Azure AD Application Management, classification and prioritization of applications discovered from this engagement, and creation of a next-steps plan for Azure AD Application Management.