Azure & Oracle Multicloud, 3-Wks Implementation


Based on client's business needs, we will implement new solution, integrate or transition existing one into Multicloud architecture to take advantage of best of Azure and Oracle Cloud features

Lingaro builds Multicloud Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse services based on interconnected Microsoft and Oracle cloud solutions tailored to your company needs, so you can get best of each cloud features in cost effective manner. Moving to such architectures may be a final solution for your enterprise or it can be a first cost wise step in greater plan of platform refresh, like move from on-premise solutions to cloud technology (with target to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership).

In our portfolio we consider 2 major types of scenarios we may build for you: 1). Power BI Reporting Solution (with Analysis Services) residing in Microsoft Azure Interconnected with Oracle Cloud source database (e.g. Autonomous Data Warehouse). 2). Oracle Analytics Cloud or Oracle Analytics Server (on prem) BI Reporting Solution sourcing data from Microsoft Azure: (SQL Database, Synapse Analytics, Analysis Services.

Business benefits coming from above solutions implementation:

  • Fast and cost-efficient implementation of reporting in the cloud platform without the need to rewrite the already existing backend, in turn reducing the Time to Market for the new services.
  • ‘Cherry picking’ approach. You decide what components in Azure and Oracle will be selected for the solution, enabling easy alignment with the company strategy, security requirements, licensing policy and within the allocated budget
  • Reduced TCO via choice of cost-effective components and avoidance of the re-write of existing technology solutions

We believe that each solution should be customized to your company needs and technology stack. With this approach we recommend to start with POC (Proof Of Concept) or MVP (Minimal Viable Product), so you can examine our proposed architecture in your environment before deciding about change for whole organization.

If you are looking for such solutions, advice or company you can implement it E2E for you, contact us.