Data Mesh For Me: 2-Week Strategic Assessment


This 2 Week assessment will help you decide whether data mesh is the right approach for your organization’s data strategy and how it can be implemented with Azure

Data mesh is a recent trend that is turning data strategy on its head. Many leaders and decision-makers across enterprises and different industries are eagerly adopting this new approach to data management, but many find their eagerness quickly fizzle out when they realize the lengthy and costly effort required to build and maintain one.

Embracing data mesh is no simple task. It compels organizations to rethink and revamp their data management strategy. This practical and interactive 2-week assessment will provide you with a comprehensible diagnosis to decide whether data mesh is the right model for your organization and how ready you stand with required capabilities.

Agenda Week 1 – Pre-Workshop Determine stakeholders' top interests and finalize participants for workshop Schedule workshop day and logistics Customer fills in current state survey assessment Interview with selected customer’s staff to collect additional information Lingaro collects additional information and prepares assessment results Week 2 - Workshop Briefing on Assessment Learnings Is Data Mesh the right solution for your organization? Data mesh Azure capabilities and deficits overview and actions to advance in readiness Discuss next steps and required support Outcomes By the end of the assessment, you will get a comprehensive assessment covering:

How your organization’s problems and needs fit the solutions proposed by data mesh concept A recommendation on best Azure-based model to adapt following data mesh principles Azure Capabilities and strengths assessment covering key areas which company needs to focus on in moving to the data mesh model