Introduction to Data Mesh with Azure-1 Hr. Briefing


1 Hour briefing to understand what is Data Mesh, whether it could the right approach for your organization and how to implement with Azure.

Data mesh isn’t just a buzzword — it echoes a shift in paradigm in how organizations can effectively make their data more accessible, manageable, actionable, and valuable. By keeping data distributed, it has better context, newer, and more organized in ways that business users need it.

This is an appealing approach for organizations that compete based on the strength and richness of their data. For many, however, there’s the caveat of incorporating data mesh with established and existing data access and management patterns. This obstacle is what deters many organizations from harnessing the potential of data mesh.

The Data Mesh Introduction session is the right place to start for companies which want to understand what is really behind the concept of Data Mesh , whether it could the right approach for their organization and how to approach Data Mesh with Azure architecture.

Agenda Why You May Need a Data Mesh What is data mesh and what is not data mesh How companies approach data mesh with Azure - Case Studies Open questions and next steps